Instrcutor Biography

I have been a forex trader, Fund manager and Trainer since 18 years. I got introduced to Forex trading in 1998 in Bangkok. After trading with them for 3 months I realised that they were just a bucket shop. I learnt how companies guide investors in to losing their capital. I picked up lot of knowledge in forex trading and my clients started making money with currency spreads of 10 to 20 pips compares to 1 to 1.5 pip now.

Once I returned to my home country, I decided to operate from India. Within 2 years I established client base worldwide just by online marketing. At present I have clients in more than 50 countries and 90% satisfied clients. In a field like forex trading where 99% of the traders disappear after 1 to 2 years, I have survived for 18 years which is itself a big achievement. I have seen all kind of forex tsunamis in my career and survived. I am planning to retire from active forex trading and offer my consultancy services to upcoming forex brokers